Being Present with our Pint-Sized Pirate Puppy!

“Jasper” Digital Art created by Hema Bharadwaj. To buy this artwork or to check out more, please visit

So let’s see… our puppy Jasper had his enucleation surgery — his problem eye has been removed. So much to be grateful for! DD calls him our pint-sized pirate!

DD is being pretty amazing at managing these lockdown restrictions. She is so incredibly focused on being present in the moment. She very naturally turns her attention to what feels good, what feels better, what is easy and in flow.
Two nights before the surgery Jasper was in pain. After feeling some anxiety, she promptly and wisely advised me to come watch a funny show with her. While watching the show with her, my mind wandered over his painful eye and whether the impending surgery would work etc… She heard me express my doubts and said “I think we need to ignore it. Not that we don’t do what we need to do. We are doing that. Now we need to distract ourselves.” That’s wisdom.
I notice that with her… she’s clear about when she is willing to face certain information and when she’s not. When her friend’s father was in hospital, she asked for clarification and some information — “What is a seizure?”. After receiving my answer, she chose to change the topic. She cares deeply for her friend and feels the significance of the situation. But she seems to very deliberately choose to turn away from fear and distract and choose a better feeling. Sometimes it may look as if she is running away from what frightens her. But that is only what it looks like on the surface. She loves researching and sharing with me stories of people who live with significant differences… developmental differences, health conditions people were born with or developed… she listens to their stories of struggle and resilience and learning and adapting and forging…

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